Rescue Animal Support

My true passion for animal behaviour began during my extensive work in animal rescue. I worked with a huge number of animals removed from the worst of conditions. Many of these animals had medical problems as a result of neglect, but I began to realise that healing their bodies was only half the battle. These animals also needed help healing their minds. At the other end of the spectrum were many animals who had clearly been much loved pets, relinquished to rescue through no fault of their own or of their loving owners. One thing all of these animals had in common, whatever the reason behind their admittance to rescue centres, was that they needed time to adjust and acclimatise once adopted into a new home. On many occasions, adopters would become overwhelmed by the behavioural needs of their new pets during this adjustment period, and, with limited support available, would return the animal to rescue. That support now exists! 

With 10 years professional experience in the field, we specialise in rescue animal rehabilitation. Our focus is in helping rescues to rehabilitate and appropriately rehome animals, and in supporting adopters through the process of helping their pet to adjust to a life in their forever home. From coaching you through typical but troublesome issues such as house training, relaxation training, and destructive behaviour, to more complex issues such as separation anxiety, reactive behaviour, and nervousness, we will be there every step of the way. 

Our Rescue Animal Support packages are designed to make life as relaxed as possible for both owners and their new pets. We have a variety of packages available, from Light Support for those confident, well adjusted rescues, through to Intensive Support for those who need more help, and a Street Dog Support package specifically for overseas rescues.

We offer help from the very beginning of the adoption process, from initial meetings with your potential new pet, pre adoption sessions to ensure you and your home are prepared for the new arrival, right through to regular post adoption sessions to help you build a bond with your pet, teach them adjust to life with you, and to work on any training and behavioural needs.                                                                                   

Choose Your Training Package

  • Light Support Rescue

    Valid for 3 months
    • Pre-adoption preparation one to one session
    • Post adoption settling in session
    • x1 one to one training session
  • Intensive Support

    Every month
    Valid for 12 months
    • Pre adoption preparation session
    • Post adoption settling in session
    • 6 week Life Skills training class
    • x12 one to one training sessions
    • Ongoing telephone support
  • Street Dog Support

    Every month
    Valid for 4 months
    • Pre-adoption one to one training session
    • Post adoption settling in session
    • x4 post adoption one to one training sessions
    • Ongoing telephone support