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Steve Mann - Celebrity dog trainer and Founder of the IMDT (Institute of Modern Dog Trainers)

I would highly recommend Paisley. Her combined theoretical knowledge and practical experience makes her a very skilled behaviourist. She's also empathetic and genuinely cares. She doesn't judge, she's committed to helping you and your dog achieve a positive relationship built on trust and communication.

Katie Murrell

Paisley has always been so understanding of each individual animal's needs, explaining their physical behaviour and what's going on in their head!
I've seen her work wonders with cats and all types of dogs, she is so patient and i would wholeheartedly recommend her for training & behaviour questions . She's truly dedicated to making your pet feel so comfortable & loved

Elina Garton

thank you Paisley at the pet perspective.Reuben and I have loved our puppy classes. Reubs is much calmer round other dogs and has learnt to focus better on me and what I want of him. Great teaching methods and interaction with the pups. Would fully recommend you to any one..we loved it so much have already signed up for adolescent classes.

Liz and Reuben

Paisley has been fab with Bruce who is an assistance dog. Helping reinforce his good behaviours after shielding with me for the pandemic! She is so calm and clever. Bruce warmed to her straight away, which meant we did too. Highly recommended. Thanks again !

Claire and Bruce

When I looked for puppy classes they were very busy and lots were all booked up. I desperately looked around for a positive reinforcement trainer and found the Pet Perspective. Paisley was very accommodating and we had 6 puppy classes. I couldn't have imagined going anywhere else now, Paisley was great, friendly with the pups and helpful inside and outside of class. My Cocker Spaniel was so comfortable that he loved going to training every week. My puppy learnt a lot from these classes many of which were crucial for our home training. With just 4 other puppies in class my pup got to socialise all whilst having enough attention given to us for training. I highly recommend the course and we look forward to coming back for adolescent classes .

Chloe and Milo

met Paisley this morning for a 121 session with our 13 week old Labrador puppy.
Paisley is lovely and calm and gave us great tips with the horrible puppy mouthing
Going to work hard with all the tips she gave us and looking forward to joining her puppy classes in a couple of weeks.
Thanks Paisley

Annette and Nachee

Had a good first session with Paisley, nice and straight forward, easy to implement and enjoyable for Tia, looking forward to working with what we have been given over the next few weeks and hopefully see some progress after already picking up some basics pretty quickly, can’t wait for enjoyable walks with my pooch again

Rebecca and Tia

Paisley was extremely knowledgeable and taught us some great training techniques for our jumpy pup. She was very calming and lovely and we really appreciate all of her help

Lauren and Willow

Thank you, one hour only and we have learnt so many things. Can't wait for the next hours!!!

Oana and Ares

Paisley helped us with our dogs separation anxiety when we went back to work after lockdown. She helped us change things we were doing to make it easier for Jet to cope and showed us exactly what to do to make him happier and have more confidence. We still have a long way to go but hes made lots of progress and Paisley has been great with all her advice and support

Dave and Jet

We were really struggling with our cocker spaniel coming back when called. We had tried training classes when he was a puppy but they only used food and he ignored it. Paisley taught us how to use his love of chasing things to make him want to come back! Very supportive and she made the sessions really fun for us and our dog, highly recommend!

Sophie and Sam

We are only 2 training sessions in with my mums dog buster, and the difference is already incredible. Paisley came highly recommended as I was looking for help with busters pulling and recall issues. Paisley is very observant and clearly has a great understanding of animal behaviour, as-well as an obvious love for animals.
Me and my mum can’t recommend you highly enough!

Michael and Buster

we had a zoom with Paisley about helping our puppy integrate with our older dog and crate training she gave us great advice. She followed up with a detailed guide after the call.

Gail, Wilfred and Doug

Our labradoodle was so keen to play with other dogs that he would lie down and refuse to move whenever another dog was on the horizon, and was very boisterous if allowed to say hello! Paisley really listened and watched to understand his behaviour and helped us to understand how to reward him at the right time and in the right way for good behaviour. Several months later he is loving being able to play fetch off the lead and can walk past other dogs on the lead without going crazy!

Alison and Caffrey

100% amazing knowledge, happy to give advice and guidance. Would highly recommend Paisley.

Chanelle Sharpe

Paisley was calm, kind and very reassuring in our session today! As new puppy owners we had read all the guides and thought we were prepared (we were) but nothing beats some face to face reassurance that it’s ok to not enjoy every single moment of being a puppy parent!
If your new puppy parents too I would highly recommend spending an hour with Paisley, you’ll feel 100 times better at the end of it !
Can’t wait to start our puppy classes in a couple of weeks

Kirsty, Julia and Apollo

We had a few one to one sessions with Paisley to help us teach our new rescue collie Zula to play with our older dog properly. She gave amazing advice and taught us how to monitor their play and be advocates for Rolo rather than leaving it up to him to teach Zula to be polite. She also showed us how to give Zula lots of good outlets for her collie behaviour to make sure she's happy and doesn't get bored! 100% would recommend!

Jade, Rolo and Zula

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